Massage Policies

SICKNESS: To support wellness for you as well as other clients, if you become sick, contagious, and/or having a health crisis it may not be appropriate or even helpful for you to receive a bodywork session at your scheduled time. Check in with your doctor, and please contact me right away to reschedule or discuss if you are unsure. In this case, you will not be charged if it is less than 24-hours. I reserve the right to reschedule you, if you are sick when you arrive.

OTHER APPOINTMENT CHANGES: From time to time, it may become necessary to change or cancel your scheduled appointment. That is understandable, however please give me 24-hours notice or you may be charged. If you have an emergency, call me right away to discuss.

LATE: If you are late for an appointment, your treatment time may be shortened to accommodate the next scheduled client. You will be charged the full amount.

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